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Installation Process

Admin Dashboard screen dump.

Deposit screen dump.

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At the heart of this application is the very advanced SETTINGS management section. We have made sure that you will rarely need to manually edit any settings files or config files in order to make system wide changes. The SETTINGS section has various tabs, which will allow you to configure those aspects of the PRODUCT. We have included some instructions for the various settings sections (within the application)

You can view/add/ delete the Tasks of this project,opportunity,Leads and individual Task

You can view/add/ delete the opportunity.

You can view/add/ delete the lead.

You can view/add/ delete the project.

The tab Users You can add a new users with menu permission and also create and manage admin

The client tab will let you add, update or delete client and their related information along with documents and bank details as required by your organization.

In mailbox you can easily set your email address and it will be automatically configured. You will start receiving mails and you can also send mails to anyone you want. Mailbox is an essential features and is a must for any human resource management. You can also save mails as draft for later sending. You can easily compose new mails from both inbox, sent or draft.

You can view/add/ delete the invoice of this project

You can view/add/ delete the Estimate of this project

You can view/add/ delete the Payment of this project

Deposit screen dump.

Expense screen dump.

To Send,receive internally message.also view he/she is online or offline.

You can easily take backup of your database by simply clicking on the menu tab Database Backup. Everything in your database will get in the database that will be exported as a zip file in your local directory.

Each client of your organization will get a beautiful client panel after they login to the system. clients can perform the following tasks from their panel:

After client login to their panel using this login credentials - they can easily update thir own password as required.

Client Dashboard screen dump.

Client Mailbox - Inbox screen dump.

Client Invoice - Invoice List Screen dump.

Client Estimate- Estimate List Screen dump.

Client Payment List screen dump.

Client User List screen dump.

Client Settings screen dump.

Client Private Chat screen dump.

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